An Automated Video Follow-Up System Exclusively For Digital Wealth Pros (DWP) Business Builders!

What you get with your Passive Profit Partners System (P3) is an online marketing platform that supports an exciting opportunity. This business continues to grow extremely fast by providing great products, needed by every marketer, combined with a professional call center.

P3 has launched a team replicated marketing system, exclusively designed for DWP business builders. The P3 Video Landing Pages are what sets this system apart... The pages are designed to make sure prospects understand that "real people" are building this business and making "real money".

P3 members will have access to a few lead capture pages, with an option to use our in-house autoresponder or connect to a 3rd party service.

P3 also provides a customized DWP business presentation page. All these tools combined offer the perfect marketing system that can grow your DWP business effortlessly.

Brand Your DWP Business

Brands you and your business with the Passive Profits Partner Team. It also allows you to share this value-added resource with new team members.

24-7 Video Follow Up Messages

The P3 24/7 video follow up messages are the center of this system. With minimal set-up, the system further automates the marketing side of your business.

Detailed Statistics

Detailed statistics about your page visitors. You can even see what percentage of the video presentation your prospects watched and know exactly what web pages your prospects visit.

Autoresponder Integration

P3 members have the option to connect the capture pages to a third party Autoresponder service. This allows you to further customize your follow up and broadcast email messages and manage your list now and in the future. 

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Attention Digital Wealth Pros (DWP) Members: In an effort to keep your cost down to the bare minimum, we connected the Passive Profit Partners (P3) system to another one of our companies called Don't be confused, when you click the Create Account Button. It will appear like you are creating a GL Account, but you are actually creating a P3 account. Also, if you see the GL logo inside the back office on certain pages, now understand the relationship between GL and P3. The P3 membership, what you're about to purchase, is still exclusively promoting Digital Wealth Pros.

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Exclusive System

Please note, this is a third party marketing system exclusively for Digital Wealth Pros (DWP).